THEO Setup in Docker


  • Install Docker

    Ubuntu / Debian

    sudo apt install

    On most other Linux distributions, the package is called docker.

  • Install Docker Compose v2

    Ubuntu / Debian

    sudo apt install docker-compose-v2

    Alternatively, see

  • Add your user into the docker group, to be allowed to use Docker commands without root permissions. (Mind that this has security implications.)

    sudo groupadd docker  # create `docker` group, if it does not exist
    sudo gpasswd --add $USER docker  # add your user to the `docker` group
    newgrp docker  # attempt to activate group without re-login

    You may need to log out your user account and log back in for this to take effect.

  • Create a distribution of openDuT

cargo ci distribution
  • Start containers
cargo theo testenv start
  • Start edgar cluster
cargo theo testenv edgar start